Smile Makeover

First Impressions Count

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How much does your smile really matter—really?
Scientific studies have shown that your smile, your eyes, and your overall appearance are the first things people notice when they meet you.

In fact, research shows that people will evaluate you—based in large part on your appearance—in just 4 minutes, subconsciously deciding within that short time the possibilities of any further interaction with you. And the critical initial impression is made in just the first 30 seconds!

Your smile is an essential ingredient not only in the impression you make, but also in your confidence level, which has an impact on your success in personal, social, and business relationships.

Do I need to have a “perfect” smile?

Of course not. While some of our clients are celebrities who depend on their appearance for their livelihood, most people simply want a healthy, vibrant smile that helps them feel self-assured as they go through their daily lives.

No matter what you are seeking—a maintenance strategy, a minor enhancement, or a complete smile makeover—we can provide a personalized plan that is “perfect” for you. Dr. Snow is a recognized expert in cosmetic dentistry and has been teaching smile design to dentists around the world for 15 years.

Our goal is to help you achieve the changes you want, in order to give you confidence and peace of mind. So even if you’re not a celebrity, the team at Snow Dental Care will treat you as though you are.

Did you know? . . .
Your ideal smile begins with a meticulous, well-crafted smile design.

Dr. Snow actually hand-draws a blueprint of the design the lab will use to create a 3-D prototype template for your final restorations.