Restoring Your Smile

Repair and Renewal: Adhesion Technology

Crown Repair & Renewal
Ideally, Dr. Snow likes to pinpoint developing dental problems (like fractures or decay) using intraoral cameras, digital radiographs, or the DIAGNOdent so he can repair them before symptoms like temperature sensitivity and tooth pain arise. When a repair is needed, he strives to use the most-conservative approach possible.

Old-style metal restorations require removing a significant proportion of the tooth structure in order to anchor the restoration properly. When a large amount of the natural tooth is whittled away, the tooth becomes weakened and the chance of failure within 10 years increases significantly.

In bonding procedures, Dr. Snow utilizes special adhesives that actually soak into teeth—gripping them with high-strength retention without the need to remove as much tooth natural structure. This means that Dr. Snow is able to bond natural-looking materials onto the tooth with bonding technology that allows him to preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible—ultimately preserving the tooth’s strength.

Each tooth restoration is, in fact, a miniature sculpture—a work of art painstakingly created for each patient.
Did you know … ?
A crown or other tooth restoration is only as good as the laboratory your dentist works with.

Dr. Snow doesn’t merely work with the labs that happen to be closest to his office. He is extremely selective about the labs he partners with, choosing only those with skilled technicians who do highly customized, refined work and offer the best quality restoration materials.