Protecting Your Smile

Proactive Protection: High-tech Gum Care

High Tech Gum Care
Some studies have estimated that gum disease affects as many as 80 percent of Americans. Harmful bacteria initiate an inflammatory process that can cause permanent destruction of the supporting bone that anchors each tooth. If enough of the supporting jaw bone is lost, then the associated teeth can be lost as well.

Often the progression of gum disease involves a loosening of the gum seal around the teeth allowing gaps to develop against the roots behind the gums. It was once thought that gum surgery was required to arrest the problem. While surgery certainly can been an effective way to fight the gum disease in some circumstance, it often exposes root surfaces—increasing temperature sensitivity and the making those teeth appear disproportionately long.

Recent studies have shown that some patients are predisposed to the problem. Dr. Snow can assess your gum condition to evaluate your potential risk for developing gum problems.  If you are susceptible, the Snow Dental Care team may recommend proactive, high-tech measures to protect and promote the health of your gums.  The Snow Dental Care team uses fast and effective anti-microbial rinses, antibiotics, and pH buffers that can reduce the harmful bacteria and allow repair of damaged gum tissue--often without surgery.