Restoring Your Smile

Repair and Renewal: Undetectable Crowns

Dental Crown Procedure
Some dental treatment techniques, especially older ones, can actually make your smile less attractive. But take heart. Dental crowns don't have to appear dull and chalky, with a dark band at the gum line.

Metal-free ceramic restorations, in combination with modern bonding adhesives, provide strong, durable, beautiful teeth that rival nature.

You may have noticed that friends or acquaintances have telltale dark shadow around the gum lines at the edges of their teeth or unnatural "chalky" teeth. Perhaps you have some disappointing results of your own.

At Snow Dental Care, we'll create a beautiful, natural-looking smile for you. Believe it or not, the margins (edges) of the replacement restoration created by Dr. Snow in this unaltered photo are not under the gum line. Restorations like this porcelain crown can rehabilitate a tooth back to its natural form and appearance as well as dramatically decrease the risk of fracture, gum infection, the need for root canal treatments, and tooth loss. To find out more about bleaching, bonding, recontouring, veneers, or tooth-colored fillings, you may e-mail Dr. Snow or schedule an initial visit at our office.

Did you know … ?
Crowns can often be avoided. Dr. Snow is committed to using conservative techniques.