Restoring Your Smile

Repair and Renewal: Esthetic Bridges

Esthetic Bridge Repairing
If you have a missing tooth, Dr. Snow can replace it using a natural-looking bridge that is so convincing that only you will know the difference.

Dentists have traditionally placed bridges that connect an artificial tooth to the adjacent teeth to fill in the space. In the past, this method of tooth replacement often appeared artificial and unattractive.

Today, esthetic bridges can be created that defy detection. By carefully coordinating the shape of both the bridge contours with the patient’s surrounding teeth and gums, amazingly natural-looking results can be achieved.

Dr. Snow is meticulous about ensuring that the bridge has the perfect shape, is just the right shade to match the surrounding teeth, and appears to be growing out of your gum just as your natural tooth once did.

Implant-supported restorations provide another option for circumstances requiring tooth replacement.