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Commitment to Education, Expertise, and Excellence

Dr. Stphen R. Snow - Commitment to Education & Expertise
Dental science and strategies are constantly changing. You need to know that your dentist is keeping up with all of the latest advances and standards of care.

Dr. Steve Snow continually attends dental lectures, meetings, and conferences to master the emerging techniques, latest products, and innovative equipment in order to provide state-of-the-art dental care. His hand-selected professional staff attends ongoing education as well, so that they can apply new developments as soon they are introduced into the field.


Did you know? . . .
Dr. Stephen Snow:
  • Takes more than 5 times the required continuing education courses required by the State of California to maintain licensure each year in order to master new techniques.
  • Continually participates in dental lectures, meetings, and conventions to stay abreast of emerging products and the latest equipment.
  • Is a recognized international expert and respected international educator and speaker for cosmetic dentists and staff on current dental technology, aesthetic dentistry, and smile design.
  • Has garnered awards from both the American Academy of Operative Dentistry and the American Academy of Radiology.
  • Is an active member of prestigious professional dental associations to continually explore the latest research developments and investigate important innovations.