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Maintaining a Healthy Environment

Healthy & Safe Dental Care Environment
Have you ever been concerned about the health and environmental hazards that may lurk in a dental practice? Have you ever worried about the safety of the water source? Or wondered how dental instruments are processed and prepared before entering your mouth? If so, you can rest assured that Snow Dental Care takes every precaution to maintain a safe environment for you, both inside and outside of our office.

We provide:

  • Safe water for patients—We use an isolated water system to completely eliminate biofilm, a potential source of contaminated water in dental offices.
  • Exceptional sterilization—We meet or exceed all guidelines for treatment room disinfection and instrument sterilization. Our equipment produces computer readouts, so our team can verify that all instruments have been properly sterilized between patients. We also voluntarily subscribe to an ongoing independent monitoring service to confirm that our sterilization process is always effective, ensuring safety for every patient.
  • Keeping toxic waste out of the environment—We use an amalgam separator at Snow Dental Care. This special equipment separates mercury from water that is captured by our suction system so it can be removed before it is discharged into the municipal waste water treatment system. The captured mercury waste is then given to an environmental protection service to be processed safely and to protect the environment.
  • Safe solid waste disposal—We use a special waste collection and processing service to dispose of medical waste properly and minimize our contribution to landfill.
Did you know? . . .
When mercury gets into our water supply, it can have serious effects on human health, as well as affecting fish and other wildlife.