Protecting Your Smile

High-Tech Diagnosis: Intraoral Camera and Imaging

Digital Dental Diagnosis Technology
When a dentist is describing a problem or recommending treatment, do you ever have difficulty picturing exactly what is happening in your mouth?

We have the solution. An intraoral camera wand—no bigger than a dental mirror—projects enlarged images of your teeth and gums onto a computer screen to aid Dr. Snow in confirming his diagnosis.

Snow Dental care was the first office in Northern California to begin using an intraoral camera and served as a beta site when the equipment was being developed.

This technology allows Dr. Snow to capture and document magnified images of your teeth. He will review the images with you, so you can see the developing problem areas with your own eyes.

A picture can be printed out on the spot, and you can take it home with you to share with your family as you consider your treatment options. Copies of these images can even be sent as evidence to your insurance company to help you maximize the reimbursement.