Protecting Your Smile

High-Tech Diagnosis: Digital Radiography

High Tech Dental Diagnosis
Are you concerned about the amount of X-rays to which you are exposed? At Snow Dental Care, we use computerized digital radiography to obtain clear diagnostic images of your teeth. A small sensor is placed in your mouth, which creates images that are instantly displayed on a computer screen.

Compared to traditional film X-rays, this leading-edge technology:

  • is safer, as it exposes the patient to only 1/10th the amount of radiation as traditional X-ray films.
  • is faster because it requires no waiting for darkroom developing.
  • helps Dr. Snow diagnose dental problems when they are smaller. Unlike an image on a film X-ray, a digital image can easily be enlarged and clarified, so the dentist can get a more detailed, up-close look at your teeth.
  • is more eco-friendly, because no toxic film processing chemicals are used and disposed of, which can pollute our natural environment