For Your Confidence

A "Front Deskless" Experience

Front Deskless Reception - Snow Dental Care
The receptionist for most dental offices sits at a “front desk” behind a check-in window or a sign-in counter. Unfortunately, anyone in the reception room can readily overhear every word of patient phone calls and conversations with the receptionist—even about personal, medical, or financial matters that should have remained private.

At Snow Dental Care, we created a reception area with a beautiful 150-gallon salt water aquarium rather than a check-in window. When you enter the office as our welcome guest, we invite you to enjoy the soothing movement of the fish while our receptionist acknowledges you and alerts our dental care team of your arrival. We designed this calm and relaxing environment to protect your privacy. The sound proof aquarium ensures that confidential patient communication with our receptionist cannot be overheard.

Shortly after you arrive, our Treatment Coordinator will greet you, offer you refreshments, and escort you in for your consultation.

While caring for your dental needs in your private treatment room, we also can provide additional services right there—planning future treatment, scheduling your next appointment, and handling any financial questions you may have. In this way, you receive the uninterrupted, personalized attention that you deserve in a private environment.